Urban drone shipment, and our guide to AI guidelines

— Zeyi Yang

In a buzzy city location in Shenzhen, China, I viewed as a drone came down onto a pickup kiosk to provide the iced tea I ‘d bought half an hour previously. The shipment service is run by Meituan, China’s most popular food shipment platform, which has actually been making routine drone shipments to the city’s citizens for the previous year and a half.

What distinguishes Meituan from its American peers is that it’s flying drones in possibly the most difficult environment: thick city areas. For some Shenzhen citizens and suppliers, shipment by drone is no longer a novelty– it becomes part of their everyday regimen. And the business’s development reveals that routine drone shipment in cities is possible. Check out the complete story

Our fast guide to the 6 methods we can control AI

AI guideline is hot. Since the success of OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT, the general public’s attention has actually been gotten by marvel and fret about what these effective AI tools can do.

Tech CEOs, United States senators and leaders at the G7 top are all unified in their desire for global requirements and more powerful guardrails to govern AI. Melissa Heikkilä, our senior AI press reporter, has actually examined 6 various global efforts to control the innovation, and provided each of them a rating for how prominent they are. Have a look at what she created

This story becomes part of our Tech Evaluation Describes series, devoted to untangling the complex, often untidy, world of science and innovation to assist you comprehend what’s going on. Take A Look At the other stories in the series

And if you want to hear more of Melissa’s incisive ideas on AI guideline, take a look at the most current edition of The Algorithm, her weekly AI newsletter, everything about the potential customers for AI guideline in the United States. Register to get it in your inbox every Monday.

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