Ocean-based carbon elimination, and Musk’s untweeted journey to China

The news: A not-for-profit formed by Mike Schroepfer, Meta’s previous chief innovation officer, has actually drawn out a brand-new company targeted at accelerating research study into ocean alkalinity improvement– a prospective method to utilize the seas to draw up and save away much more co2. The Carbon to Sea Effort will get $50 million over the next 5 years to pursue that objective.

How it works: Ocean alkalinity improvement describes different methods of including alkaline compounds, like olivine, basalt, or lime, into seawater. These raw materials bind with liquified inorganic co2 in the water to form bicarbonates and carbonates, ions that can continue for 10s of countless years in the ocean. As those CO2-depleted waters reach the surface area, they can take down extra co2 from the air to go back to a state of stability.

Why it matters: While such jobs would be challenging to scale, environment modelers are positive about the approach’s capacity. Check out the complete story

— James Temple

Elon Musk’s peaceful, untweeted China journey

Since China raised the majority of its pandemic-era travel limitations in January, foreign executives have actually been gathering in– consisting of one Elon Musk. He paid a three-day see to China recently to meet high-ranking federal government authorities. Uncommonly for him, he remained off Twitter the whole time.

Nevertheless, from the general public readouts published by Chinese federal government sites and sightings of Musk shared on Chinese social networks, we can rebuild his journey. Check out the complete story

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