See DINK Way Of Life in New York City in Photos

  • I just recently ended up being a DINK when I relocated with my partner in New york city City.
  • ” DINK” explains somebody who resides in a double-income family without any kids.
  • I’m paying $150 less in lease for a more large house with a yard and a basement.

This belongs to our series Dividing the Distinction, which takes a look at the monetary lives of couples.

I’m a DINK, which suggests I cope with my partner and we have double earnings, no kids.

Residing In New York City, I can see just how much your life can alter when you combine up. Before I coped with my partner, I was normally investing almost half my earnings on lease, and I could not manage to conserve for huge purchases.

However relocating with my partner permitted us to get a larger location for less cash. And I’m lastly able to purchase things that include a lot worth to my life.

See on your own.

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