Microsoft Graveyard: last honor for dead Microsoft items

You might have become aware of Google Graveyard. A site devoted to all the services and products that Google ended for many years. Google Podcasts is among the most recent items in the graveyard. Microsoft Graveyard is the Microsoft pendant to Google Graveyard

The Microsoft Graveyard includes a long list of Microsoft services and products that the business closed down in its long history. A few of the noted items are on their last leg, however not dead yet.

Note: there is likewise Eliminated by Microsoft, which uses comparable details.

The items are arranged chronologically on the Microsoft Graveyard. The extremely first item noted is Microsoft Bob. The task’s objective was to offer a user-friendlier user interface for Microsoft’s os, which were Windows 95 and NT at the time. Bob was created for beginner computer system users. It included animation characters and spaces that users might go to.

Microsoft Graveyard

Bob did not get large approval with users and Microsoft canceled the task less than one year after its release in 1995.

The very first years are controlled by Microsoft running systems. The list of running systems starts with Windows 1.0, which Microsoft kept alive till 2001.

Popular running systems, such as MS-DOS, Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows 7 are discovered on the list. Certainly, there are likewise less popular variations of Windows on the list. There is Windows Centuries Edition and Windows 8, for example, which were not precisely fan favorites.

The latest os on the list is Windows 10, which Microsoft prepares to retire in October 2025 formally for home users. Still, even home users might extend assistance by a minimum of 3 years through the Windows 10 Extended Security Updates program

Most of services and products are not running systems. The graveyard notes software application and hardware items, in addition to Microsoft business and studios.

MSN Music, for instance, lasted simply 2 years before it was closed down by Microsoft in 2006. It was created to take on Apple’s iTunes service and shop, however stopped working to bring in adequate attention.

Other highlights consist of Clippy, a frustrating Workplace assistant, the expert system bot Tay, which lasted simply a single day due to inflammatory tweets, or Tay’s follower Zo, which made it through 4 years.

The graveyard notes hardware items also. Besides the initial Xbox console and Xbox 360, it notes Windows Phone and Lumia gadgets, Microsoft Kinect, Band, and Microsoft Zune. Concern think about it, I did own all of these items, with the exception of Microsoft Zune.

Numerous video game designers and studios are likewise on the list. It consists of Ensemble Studios, understood for its RTS video games, Aces Video game Studio, which dealt with Microsoft Flight Simulator, or Lionhead Studios, understood for Myth and Black & & White.

Microsoft Graveyard is an open source task. You might add to the task on GitHub

Closing Words

Microsoft Graveyard uses a journey down memory lane. Some will no doubt ask how Microsoft might have deserted a few of the noted items. Windows Phone was the very best mobile os after all, right?

Now You: any item, service or studio that you are especially unfortunate ready to discover on the list?


Microsoft Graveyard: last honor for dead Microsoft products

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Microsoft Graveyard: last honor for dead Microsoft items


Microsoft Graveyard is an open source site that notes dead Microsoft items, consisting of software application and hardware, and studios.


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