Airtel Black Plans with Netflix

Airtel Black

Bharti Airtel has several plans under the Airtel Black service, and along with this, the customers can also make custom plans as per their needs. But there are two plans which offer Netflix as well. Now Netflix, as an additional benefit, stands out for almost every customer because of the expensive nature of its standalone subscription. Airtel Black is a bundled service from Bharti Airtel and promises a very convenient experience for customers. There are many Airtel Black plans which offer OTT (over-the-top) benefits, but as mentioned above, there are only two plans which offer the benefit of Netflix.

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Airtel Black Rs 2299 Plan

The Rs 2299 plan is the most expensive option available from Airtel Black to customers. With this plan, users get DTH (direct-to-home), broadband, and mobile services from Airtel. In the DTH segment, users get an Xstream Box from the company with a subscription to TV channels worth Rs 350. Then, users get a postpaid mobile plan on which a total of four connections can be established, and the plan offers 240GB of data with unlimited voice calling as well. Here, one SIM will be a regular connection, and the other three will be add-on SIMs. The broadband connection comes with 300 Mbps of speed and 3.3TB of monthly data.

The additional benefits included with this plan are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and Airtel Xstream Premium, with access to 12 OTT apps.

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Airtel Black Rs 1599 Plan

The Rs 1599 plan is also one of the most expensive options available to Airtel Black customers. This plan, however, doesn’t offer any mobile services. You get DTH and broadband services with the Rs 1599 plan. With the broadband connection, users will get 300 Mbps of speed, and the DTH connection will offer access to channels worth Rs 350. The additional benefits included with this plan are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and the Airtel Xstream app.

Note that the prices mentioned above don’t include taxes.

Benefits of Airtel Black

The benefit of Airtel Black is that it allows consumers to get several services from Airtel under a single bill. You can potentially get mobile connections for everyone in your family, a broadband connection and a DTH connection with a subscription to OTT apps with the Airtel Black service. Airtel also promises priority resolution of problems to customers. The service visits are also free for Airtel Black customers. The company is also offering 30 days of free service to customers opting for a new service under the Airtel Black.

Airtel Black customers opting for postpaid mobile services would also be able to use the Airtel 5G Plus. Airtel is currently offering Airtel 5G Plus services at no additional cost to consumers.

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