Huawei: 3 efforts to speed up CSPs to move towards AN level 4

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At the 20th Huawei Global Expert Top (HAS), the yearly Huawei Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) Session was held effectively. Market experts, KOLs and media from the world took part the session to witness the most recent market development of Autonomous Networks (AN) and Huawei ADN updates.

Through the session, audiences got extensive understanding of Huawei’s organization developments and tactical instructions within the AN market. River He, the CTO of Huawei General Advancement Dept, provided a “3 efforts” method of accomplishing AN L4 and shared the outlook of Huawei ADN.

HAS Autonomous Driving Network session

In the period of 5.5 G, networks should enhance by 10 times in efficiency and intelligence. Attaining AN L4 by 2025 is among the core goals of Huawei’s tactical vision for 5.5 G period. By developing the network from L3 to L4, CSPs will certainly accomplish 10 times increase for network O&M performance.

River stated, “We will continue to increase financial investment and develop our ADN option including full-stack AI at the network component (NE), network, and service layers, which is followed the 3 standard concepts– native intelligence, single-domain autonomy, and cross-domain partnership. In addition, we motivate the ICT market to team up in the following 3 essential elements: specifying level attributes, establishing requirements for intent APIs, and scenario-based execution. By doing so, we can speed up the development and advancement of our market.”

River Huang, CTO of General Advancement Dept, Huawei

  • Speeding up the level attributes meanings of L4/L5: The ICT market need to collaboratively develop the target profile of AN L4/L5, clarifying the level attributes and efficiency indications for each circumstance to improve item and option abilities.
  • Speeding up the standardization of intent APIs: To transform the ability enhancements into organization accomplishments and enhance NaaS abilities, the interactions market should establish standardized, big granularity intent APIs based upon organization worth and service requirements.
  • Speeding up the AN execution in organization circumstances: The ICT market need to enhance cooperation in between CSPs and suppliers, concentrating on organization circumstances and worth to assist in massive implementation of L3 AN, therefore laying a strong structure for accomplishing L4 by 2025.

As one of the initiators and specialists of AN, Huawei and its partners have actually constantly performed AN practices over the previous 3 years and attained amazing lead to enhancing quality and income, O&M performance, and energy conserving for our consumers. For instance, the Poor-QoE rate of house broadband users has actually reached 83%; the typical healing time for each fault is reduced by more than thirty minutes, and the typical energy conserving of a single base station surpasses 10%. Self-governing network is a long journey. Huawei will continue to work together with leading partners worldwide, deeply incorporate digital innovations with application circumstances, and collectively produce worth for different markets and speed up the advancement of L4 self-governing networks.

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